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Darlene Mealy has been a proven voice for the people of the 41st NYC Council District for more than a decade. She has a record of working for the well-being of families, women, seniors, and the youth of our shared community. That passion for the people of the district is matched by a passion to ensure the legislation emanating from the NYC Council reflects core neighborhood values. Values like fairness and ensuring jobseekers do not face discrimination when seeking employment. 


Local Law 33 of 2015, authored by then-Council Member Mealy, entrusted the NYC Commission on Human Rights with pursuing employment discrimination investigations. This law helps ensure jobseekers across the city truly have a fair shot, uplifting equal opportunities for all NYC residents. Mealy also authored Local Law 29 of 2015, which serves as a companion to Local Law 33, ensuring the Commission on Human Rights regularly reports on its work to combat unlawful discriminatory practices. Using matched pair testing and holding the Commission on Human Rights accountable for its investigations is the kind of real change that helps ensure the values set out in law are truly lived out in our communities.


As Chair of the Committee on Contracts, Mealy used her power over the City’s annual multi-billion dollar contracting budget to lift minority and women-owned businesses (MWBE). She helped pass Local Law 1 of 2013, pivotal MWBE legislation that helps underpin the MWBE program the City offers to this day. In addition, her leadership would help pave the way for later New York State and City Council legislation that alters procurement rules to allow for MWBEs to have a real pathway to securing government contracts. Focusing on the challenges MWBEs face means ensuring that small businesses in the 41st District have an opportunity to secure the stability and growth that a City contract can mean.


Mealy uses her years of experience navigating City departments to secure results for the community. From Housing Preservation and Development and the Department of Buildings to the Department for the Aging and the Department of Youth and Community Development, the alphabet soup of City agencies makes decisions every day that impact the lives of community residents. Placement of senior programs, community workshops, funding for community-based organizations; all those decisions benefit from the experienced guidance Mealy has proven she provides.


In addition to legislating, Mealy understands the importance of community-building as a part of public service. Engaging seniors at senior centers, engaging youth at schools, and engaging neighborhood residents at community events builds up those community values that contribute to neighborhood well-being. Those muscles built around community engagement contribute to problem solving; from speed bumps and road improvements to better police-community relations and public safety, Mealy knows that when we problem solve as a community together there is no challenge we cannot overcome. 

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On June 21, 2021, the day before the New York City Primary Elections, Darlene Mealy was interviewed

by Glenn 'Pooh' Harding of BasketballHeadz